Important News For Our Members


As our most valued fans, we wanted to make you aware of some important and exciting news. FOX Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable announced Monday evening that they have reached an agreement to carry the new regional sports network in time for the 2014 San Diego Padres regular season. The network will launch for Time Warner Cable customers on March 30, 2014. Channel positions will be announced at a later date.

“The Padres are thrilled about today’s agreement between Time Warner Cable and FOX Sports San Diego,” said Padres Chairman, Ron Fowler in a statement Monday night. “We thank our fans for their long-standing patience for the last several years. We also thank FOX Sports San Diego for their diligence in making this partnership happen. And finally, we thank Time Warner and welcome them back to the Padres family. We’re excited to bring San Diego Padres baseball into every home in San Diego County. We are also pleased that our broadcast will now be available for the many Padres fans in Hawaii as well. This is a great day for Padres fans everywhere.”

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